Gympie Church of Christ

Gympie Church of ChristWelcome to Gympie Church of Christ.

It is with open hearts, filled with the love and joy of our Blessed Savior that we welcome you to join our online gathering. Our service is on Sunday mornings at 9:30am, and can be streamed from our facebook page.

Welcome to Gympie Church of Christ! We are a bunch of ordinary people, serving an EXTRAORDINARY Saviour.

In our sinful, human nature we are NEVER without the HOPE of our Savior, and His REDEEMING grace. We believe that God showed to us His great MERCY and GRACE when He sent His Son to pay the price for our sins, to be with Him in heaven once again.

Through Jesus Christ we live together as imperfect beings, to Worship God and to love each other.

It is from this deep love, which comes from God, that we reach out our arms to you and invite you to Worship and walk this imperfect life with us, here, at Gympie Church of Christ.

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